I’m bacccccck!

Yay for me being back in the blogging game, but boo for having to start completely over. So let me take a second to catch you up on our lives currently and over the past year before we jump off into the dark & twisty( Greys fans, ya feel me?) posts. Because let’s be honest, this is a mom blog but I’m all up in my feelings and 95 percent of my subsequent posts will be that way. Anyway, In May we found out we were pregnant with baby number two. In July we found out said baby was a girl !

Yes so much yes. Ryland would have a little SISTER in January. August. That month every thing we knew changed . August 12. I was 20 or so weeks pregnant and Ryland had just started waking up at 5am every month to come into bed with us. As per the usual, I got him situated into bed with us and went to the kitchen to grab his cup of milk. I went to grab his cup from the sink & slipped. Our kitchen flood had water on it. I flipped on the lights and water was pouring in through the threshold of the front and back door. Our house was flooding. August 15. After the water had receded my husband made it to our home with my dad. Our house had taken on 6 ft and 2inches of water .

That’s all I’m going to really say about those few life altering days because I feel like it could honestly be it’s own blog post, but idk if I’ll ever get around to writing it because those emotions SUCKED and I really don’t feel like dredging them back up at the moment. So we moved toward. Moved into my in laws house and pressed forward with rebuilding our house. The goal was to finish before January when our daughter would make her appearance. My husband worked a turnaround, so 7 days a week – 12 hours a day, from September into October while pushing to get our house rebuilt. October 15th, Ryland turned two. Que all the heartbreaks. He was just a newborn not long ago! November felt like the longest month ever. We were close to finishing the house, but not close enough to move back in. December!! Notice how I put two exclamation points behind that? We moved back home! Our own space. Home sweet home. Just without countertops, sinks & a master bath. Dishes had to be done in the bathtub but damnit we were home. Late December we finally finished the house . January 12th, sweet Lilah Rae made her appearance after her fast and furious birth. I’ll probably do a blog post about that too at some point because I’ve yet to sit down and type it all out . Sorry sissy.

February my husband had to have an emergency appendectomy and didn’t return to work until March. Oh & somewhere in all that we adopted another dog. So two adults. Two kids. Two dogs. Two cats. Under. ONE. Roof. We’re crazy and this life is pretty crazy but damnit I love it…sometimes 😉 Just a nice heads up for all the family members that might find their way here. I’m not holding anything back so read on at your own risk. You’ve been warned ….



Until next time, Alyssia

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